How To Transfer Airtel Balance [Data And Balance Transfer ] 2018

For the definition of Transfer, we simply say that transfer is a process of sending a thing from one process to another. Airtel Balance Transfer is the process to send Internet balance and talk time balance to another number with the identical network. This is the process in which many peoples use it because they send the balance to their loved ones. Friends In this article I am going to tell you about the methods and process of Transfer Airtel Balance. For known to all these things please continue read our this article.


All of Airtel customers may use these methods for sending or transferring the balance to their loved ones. Now I am providing a complete guide to Airtel balance transfer. Some new customers don’t know about the balance transfer in airtel. For all those customers I will present this article.

transfer airtel balance

About Airtel Balance Transfer?

If Airtel customers have too much balance in their main account that they want to transfer their balance than they can transfer this balance to their other airtel number. The Airtel provides this facility only Airtel to Airtel customers.


One thing here I want to tell you that Airtel to Airtel customers can transfer their balance or data.

Airtel provides different ways to transfer the balance and mobile data.

Terms And Conditions For Transfer Airtel Balance 

  • Only Airtel to Airtel customers can send balance and mobile Internet.
  • Customers can only Transfer an amount between Rs 5 to Rs 40 Once at a time.
  • For using this service customers must use 3months old Airtel number.
  • Reciever Airtel number should be 1 month Old.
  • This is a paid service.
  • Customers can use this service 5 times a Day and 150 times a Month.

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Method And Process For Airtel Balance Transfer 


  • For this Go to your Dial Screen and Dial this Number: *141#
  • Now, this screen shows like this

Share Talktime

Take Adv Internet

Take Adv Talktime

Auto Credit

Ask Talktime

Poke Call

Call me back SMS



  • From here You can Select Share talk time for this Type 1 and Send it.
  • Now customers can put all the required information.

Now all the things are correct and You Successfully initiated Airtel Balance Transfer with Ease.

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