What is Airtel Family Share : Share Internet Date With Your Family Free

Airtel Family Share  one of the best service started by Airtel. Main use or you can say focus for this service is we youngster because we need so much internet for porn, facebook, youtube, WhatsApp, and so many another thing which I can’t tell you right now. in this service, you can share or you can say transfer your internet data to anyone who has airtel number. Don’t you think Airtel Family Share is mast service because our parent doesn’t use much data on their phone so we can transfer that data to our mobile and use it .



What is The Use of  Airtel Family Share

in very simple and basic term you can send internet data from your number to another airtel number without any cost. with this service internet data, wastage is almost finished and you can also share your mobile internet data to your device.


1. How to Use Airtel Family Share through Website

  • Visit Official Website for  Airtel Family Share (Click here)
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter OTP.
  • Add Mobile Numbers where you want to transfer data.


2. How to Use Airtel Family Share through Mobile App

  • Download Airtel Family Share Android App (Click Here)
  • Sign up & login.
  • Check Airtel Family Share option and Add Detail.


3. How to Use Airtel Family Share using Phone Number

  • You need to send SMS SHARE to 121
  • Add Your friend Numbers like this ADD<space>Number send to 121.
  • That is it.


4. How to Use Airtel Family Share using USSD Code

Send 10MB Data by Dialing: *141*712*11*Number#

Send 25MB Data by Dialing: *141*712*9*Number#

Send 60MB Data by Dailing: *141*712*4*Number#

(Eg. *141*712*4*8888888888#)




Before transfer any internet data Please check term & condition 

  1. The ‘MyAirtel Family’ service allows a prepaid user to create a ‘family’ of up to five (5) members including himself/ herself and share his/her 3G or 4G data pack with them. No sharing of 2G data packs is allowed.
  2. The ‘MyAirtel Family’ service is free, i.e., there are no charges for creating a ‘family’.
  3. All members of the ‘family’ must be Airtel prepaid customers from the same telecom Circle (please note that Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kolkata, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West), Chennai and Tamil Nadu each constitute an independent Circle.
  4. A prepaid user cannot create more than one ‘family’ simultaneously. Similarly, a prepaid user can be a member/ beneficiary of only one ‘family’ simultaneously.
  5. The user creating a ‘family’ (hereinafter referred to as “Owner“) will not require the consent of other users to add them to a ‘family’. However, an added user (hereinafter referred to as “Member“) may remove him/herself from the ‘family’ at any point in time by sending SMS <DEL> <space> <10 digit mobile number> to 121 or by logging on to www.airtel.in/family.
  6. When a Member removes him/herself from a ‘family’, the Owner will be notified by SMS.
  7. All Members will have unrestricted access to the shared data pack of the Owner. The Owner acknowledges and agrees that once a ‘family’ has been created, he/ she will not be able to restrict data usage of individual Members from the Owner’s data pack. Also, the Owner cannot allocate a portion of his/her data pack for sharing and once shared, the Owner’s entire data pack is available to the Members.
  8. In respect of the shared data pack, neither the Owner nor any Member will be able to monitor any Member’s or Owner’s usage behaviour or quantum of usage, whether in aggregate for all Members or for an individual Member and will not be provided any Member’s usage information even from Airtel customer service or through other channels.
  9. Once a ‘family’ has been created, every 3G or 4G data pack recharge of the Owner will be automatically shared with the ‘family’, until the Owner deletes the ‘family’.
  10. The Owner may delete the ‘family’ in whole or in part, at any point in time and no consent will be required from any Member. A deleted member will be notified of deletion by SMS.
  11. A Member’s existing or subsequently added data pack (whether 2G, 3G or 4G or handset bundled offers), i.e. whether recharged prior to addition to the ‘family’ or when part of a ‘family’, will be fully used prior to the Member being able to use the Owner’s shared data pack.
  12. Service Specific Data Packs of the Members (such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) will be consumed in place of the Owner’s shared data when the member is accessing the specific service.
  13. Night Store Data Packs (Daily Night Packs), any service specific packs (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc), handset bundled offers, any free data provided by Airtel and 2G packs are not shareable. In case of Unlimited 3G packs that are being shared, the Owner will get throttled post the Data Limit on the pack. The Members of the Family, will not have access to Unlimited Data at Throttled speeds and will move on to charging from their other own accounts.
  14. Any night cashback earned through consumption of the shared data will be credited back as shared data only and shall also be shareable.
  15. When the shared data balance reaches thresholds of 100 MB, 50 MB and 10 MB, 0 MB, SMS warning alerts will be sent to all members of the family.
  16. When the shared data account gets exhausted, users who attempt a browsing session that might be charged from their individual account balance for their internet usage; will be notified with a Pre-Session USSD popup as well.
  17. If any member of the family, moves out of the Airtel Network of that particular circle to another network or Airtel network in another circle, they will be removed from the MyAirtel family automatically.
  18. The entire MyAirtel family will automatically cease to exist in event of any of the following;