How to Activate Airtel Do Not Disturb 2018 Start Airtel DND Service

If you receive so many calls every day and most of the call from tele operator, Aadhar card link, and so many other spam company its time to block these company so that they will never disturb you again and again. Generally, these company earning good money from selling offer like Insurance, Offers, Plans, Credit Card. So, I suggest never reply or pick from an unknown number. Today I will tell you the good way to block these fucking company through Airtel DND service . in Airtel DND mean Do not disturb. if you activate this service then Advertisement company never call you.


What is DND

 How to Activate Airtel Do Not Disturb

Full form of DND tells you everything about what is DND. Do Not Disturb is the one of the best service monitor and control by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). if you activate airtel DND then nobody will call and disturb you.

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How to Activate Airtel DND Service  By SMS

you need to send one simple message to DND handling server so that they will start your service after your confirmation received by SMS.



 SMS START<space>0 to 1909

How to Activate Airtel DND Service By Call

This process is more simple and easy.  Simply dial 1909 from your phone and tell you to need to start DND service.

Call on 1909


How to Activate Airtel DND Service  by Different Way


sometimes blocking every call is not the good way so you can only block one specific category. if you want to know the offer from real estate company or any offer from entertainment industry then you can block number accordingly.



Airtel DND Category DND Code
 Banking, Insurance, Financial Products and Credit Cards related Calls and SMSSMS START 1 to 1909
Real Estate related Calls and SMSSMS START 2 to 1909
 Educational related Calls and SMSSMS START 3 to 1909
 Health-related Calls and SMSSMS START 4 to 1909
 Consumer Goods and Automobiles related Calls and SMSSMS START 5 to 1909
 Communication, IT, Entertainment, Broadcasting related Calls and SMSSMS START 6 to 1909
T Tourism related Calls and SMSSMS START 7 to 1909


if you don’t want to block all call and check the name of all caller before receiving any call then you can try truecaller android app.

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Truecaller has done very good job term of blocking spamming call and also tell you the name of any person who calls you.