Jio Balance Transfer [ Data Internet +TalkTime ] Latest Updated !

Have you ever wonder if someone sends you 100 rupee in your phone or 1 Gb data in your Jio account yes this is possible with Jio. You can send your Jio balance and Internet data to another Jio user of same Jio network. Jio Balance or Data Transfer is the simple way through which we can easily send money or internet data to any other Jio User.



if you love someone or you want to donate some money to your small brother, sister then this is the best and very simple way you can do it. You can check Net Balance, Internet data of Jio using Jio USSD Code 

this method is also used to cheat on your friend or your girlfriends. you can take your friends mobile and do out Jio Balance transfer tricks to get the balance of your friends. if you get some balance of your friend then😉 comment your story we will share with our reader.

Jio Balance Transfer

if you are completely new to this type of tricks then don’t worry I will tell you to step by step process for Jio Balance Transfer so that you can understand very easily how to get free balance from your friend who has jio number.


What is the Jio Balance Transfer or Jio Internet Data Transfer?


basically, Jio Balance transfer is used when you have the huge balance on your Jio number and you want to send to your another Jio number or your Family Jio number.

You can also Transfer Internet data from one Jio to another number like if you want to send 100 MB data to your girlfriend so that you can both enjoy video chatting over WhatsApp or skype then it Jio Internet data helps you a lot.

Basic Conditions For Jio Balance Transfer


  • Your Jio Number must be active for this tricks.
  • Only 5 to 40rs rupee is transferred at a time.
  • You Jio Number should be old at least 4 months Old.
  • Reciever Jio number should be 1 month Old.
  • Some amount is charged for this service.
  •  5 times a Day and 100 times in Month.

Here is Jio Balance Transfer Code


You need to enter

*139#473#25# your mobile number without any space


Jio Balance Transfer working or not


currently, this transfer process is not working I have checked personally and found that these type of code is not working so I request you please don’t waste your time on Youtube and Google about the same kind of thing.


if Jio launched these kinds of code then I will inform you if you really interested in this type of things.



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