Jio Caller Tune Number [Set Caller Tune In Jio 2018] Free*

Jio is India’s biggest telecom company. It provides free Caller Tune for its customers. Now Jio Caller Tune Number is getting popular these days. Because Jio provides free Jio Caller Tune for its Customer. Jio is the only telecom company which provides free and best caller tunes in India.In this post, we are providing Jio caller tune number, How to set Jio caller tune and the complete list of songs of Jio caller tune etc.


So Friends If you want to set Jio free caller tune than you read our this article. Jio provides this services free of cost for its customers. When someone calls you that he listens to your beautiful caller tune.

Song List For Jio Caller Tune 

Jio Caller Tune How To Set A Caller Tune In Jio
If you want to make a song as a jio caller tune from a Movie SMS MOVIE <movie name> and send it to 56789
If you want to make a song as a jio caller tune from an Album  SMS ALBUM <album name > and send it to 56789
If you want to make a song as a jio caller tune of a specific Singer SMS SINGER <singer name> and send it to 56789

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Methods To Set Jio Caller Tune

Here we are providing some methods to set up Jio Caller Tune. Please check these methods.

Jio Caller Tune number

Method 1 Activate Jio Caller Tune Number 


  1. Open your Message App and Type MOVIE NAME and Send that to 56789.
  2. Now you will get song options where you have to choose between them. Reply your song name in that message in this case, and send it.
  3. You will get another message and then reply with 1 to that message.
  4. After that, you will receive a new message from Jio. Reply that message with and then you will get a mail stating that you have activated your Jio caller Tune services.

Method 2 How to Set/Activate Jio Caller Tune Number

  1.  Download Jio Music App on your Phone: Download Now
  2. Play any song you want, there you will see Set As Jio Tune text, Just tap it. and you are done.

How To Deactivate Jio Caller Tune 

  1. Send an SMS STOP to 56789, Now users will get a message
  2. Then reply that message with 1.
  3. Now your request to deactivate the caller tune is accepted and proceed.


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