How To Jio Sim Port To Other Networks [Jio MNP 2018]

Reliance Jio has newly launched its services. Jio provides better services for its customers.But some issues always remain with Reliance Jio Network.So some customers frustrated with this network. So they want to port their Reliance Jio Number to other networks. In this Article, We are going to provide the information about how to  Jio Sim Port To Other Networks.Check – JIO INTERNET BALANCE CHECK 


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Porting phone number is increasing day by day as most of the telecom companies have this strategy to grab other operator customers. So that they can able to make the profit.

It actually helps the customers because they get every offer at the cheap price and after that, they start getting benefits from other telecom operators.

About Mobile Portability

Portability simply means you can change from existing service provider to another service provider.Mobile portability services are provided by every company. Any network user is frustrated with existing network services than they change their mobile number to another operator.


If you want to port Jio sim port to other networks than please Read below Article.

Steps To Port Reliance Jio to other Networks

Here given below steps provide the mobile portability.All you have to do is just sending a message to get UPC Unique Porting Code.

  • Send a message from your existing mobile number like this: SMS
  • PORT <space><Phone Number>  send it to 1900
  • After this message, you will get a unique code that is called UPC code. Save this code.
  • Now visit New telecom or services provider store where you want to port your number.
  • Tell their executive about your sim porting and ask best offers and schemes.
  • After all this, they provide an application form fill this application form.
  • Attach your necessary documents.


  • Give filled form and document photocopy to that person.
  • And you are good to go.
  • That person provides a New SIM card to you.
  • You will be informed by SMS when your previous sim is going to close.
  • Now you can use your New Sim Card. It is activated.

jio sim port to other networks

We provide best and easy way to port your Jio sim to another network. Hope you like our article which provide information about jio sim port to other networks. You have any type of query then please share this in our comment box.

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What is Mobile Portability

Mobile number portability is implemented in different ways across the globe. The International and European standard is for a customer wishing to port his/her number to contact the new network (recipient), which then sends the number portability request (NPR) to the current network (donor). This is known as “recipient-led” porting. The UK and India are the only exceptions to implement the donor-led system.

The customer wishing to port his/her number is required to contact the donor to obtain a code (Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) in the UK and Unique Porting Code (UPC) in India) which is then given to the recipient network. The recipient continues the porting process by contacting the donor with a porting code.

This form of porting is known as “donor-led” and has been criticised by some industry analysts as being inefficient, though it prevents MNP scams. It has also been observed that it may act as customer deterrent as well as by allowing the donor an opportunity of “winning back” the customer. This might lead to distortion of competition, especially in the markets with new entrants that are yet to achieve scalability of operation. Source Code

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